The story behind Summer Shades

The origins of Summer Shades can be traced back to 2023, when three fresh young committed guys decided to take their passion for sunglasses and fashion to the next level. With a combination of countless hours spent familiarizing ourselves with the industry, we saw an opportunity to create some unique pieces at favorable prices.


We believe that sunglasses are more than just an accessory; they are an expression of personality and style. Our passion for sunglasses is an integral part of our company. And we are proud to bring a wide range of beautiful and unique sunglasses to our customers!


Our mission is to provide unique sunglasses at affordable prices. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to own sunglasses that express their personality and style, without it having to cost a fortune.


Our vision is to be recognized as a leading supplier of sunglasses with a unique design and affordable prices. We will continue to expand our range of jewelery so that everyone can find what suits their taste and budget. We want to be a reliable partner for our customers, by providing exceptional customer service and ensuring they feel comfortable with their purchase.

 Countless hours and thought have been put into the work

Countless hours and thoughts have been put into creating a company that provides sunglasses at a cheap price and unique design. From the selection of the best suppliers to the design process and the manufacture of the sunglasses. We have been dedicated, and we always ensure that our products live up to the high standards that customers deserve.

We believe that it is this dedication and passion that has enabled us to build a company that stands for quality and customer satisfaction. Our customers can rest assured that we have put great care into every aspect of our business, from design to production and customer service, to ensure they have the best possible experience.

 We're only just getting started

Our aim is to achieve a position as a leading supplier of sunglasses at an affordable price with a unique design. In order to achieve this goal, we have the following focus areas that we aim to achieve.

  • Extending our brand: We will continue to expand our marketing and branding to reach a wider audience and build a stronger presence in the industry.
  • Expanding our range: We will continue to expand our range of sunglasses, covering a wide range of styles and price ranges, to meet customers' wants and needs.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We will continue to provide exceptional customer service and ensure our customers feel comfortable with their purchase.
- Created in Copenhagen, Denmark.